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We'll get you home safe and sound

Let freedom ring! Platinum Bail Bonds will set you free!

If you have the money, we'll get you out!

When you're arrested, who're you going to call? Platinum Bail Bonds is here for you in those distressing times. With respect and professionalism, we'll be there fast to get you out! We're the bail bondsmen you need!


Once you call us, we'll verify the bond amount and we'll figure out who's going to pay the surety, or the partial payment needed for us to pay the rest of your bond.

Platinum Bail Bonds are respectful professionals. We know that the justice system in the United States hinges on the idea that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Everyone deserves their day in court. Don't languish in jail until then.


Platinum Bail Bonds is dependable, if we say we're coming to get you then you can rest assured we're coming to get you.


It comes as a surprise to many but Platinum Bail Bonds accepts all major credit cards!

Day or night, rain or shine, no matter how late, Platinum Bail Bonds will be there to help!


24/7 service. Call us anytime!

  • If that's you, we'll be at the jail to secure your release before you know it.

  • If that's a co-signer like a friend, spouse, or relative, we'll contact them as quickly as possible, secure the amount and then secure your release!


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